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2007 Garage Sale Mini CDR With Frans de Waard. Live improvisation with two laptops. Recorded at Garage Festival, Strahlsund, August 1, 2002.
2004 Pulse CD, Staalplaat new full lenght cd containing 6 new tracks
2004 4 12" on Vynalogica
Analog minimal techno, released july 2004.

2003 3 4 tracks on a 12", Audio.NL 24
Absolutely minimal techno beats, released august 2003.
2003 Quality Hotel CD, Mutek
Collaboration between Stephan Mathieu, Radboud Mens, Janek Schaefer and Timeblind.
Recorded during Mutek festival 2002 in Montreal, Canada.
2003 2 4 tracks on a 12", Audio.NL 21
Absolutely minimal techno beats, released jan. 2003.
2002 Bek CD Brombron 05
Mens/Blonk collaboration.
5 techno tracks using Blonk's voice as the only sound source.
2000 1 4 tracks on a 12", Audio.NL 10
Absolutely minimal techno beats, released november 2000.
2000 ~Sine CD, Staalplaat
(STCD 147)
5 minimal tracks on Staalplaat in Amsterdam as part of the exotic "material series" in 2000.  Cover is perforated sheet metal weighing more than 7 normal CD's. (tr's; 1.funkenkamer, 2.steel, 3.for d.a., 4.mol, 5.metal/dub/plate)
2000 Cl;ck CD, Noise museuM
Minimal techno derived from end grooves, mistakes, glitches, field recordings and the pieces carved out and discarded in studio sessions.  Design by Aldje van Meer
2000 Tweede Mixer "Elmnterre 1.2" & "Cell Click 2.1"

10" vinyl, Mixer

Rhythms created from a 50Hz hum and "CellSynth".
1999 Live Performances 1998-1999 CD, ERS RECORDS  (ERSCD003)
Recorded live five live shows in The Netherlands, and re-mastered for CD presentation, this is a rare presentation of ongoing live performances.
1999 ALR100N8&Mac176; CDR, Bake Records (BAKE008)
An hour long electronic piece, to be played at a medium volume in order to let it fully breath in your room. The cover is made of architectural graph paper with a hand drawing and is numbered and signed
1998 Kapotte Muziek by Radboud Mens "RMKMRM01" & "RMKMRM02"
7" vinyl, Korm Plastics
Remixes of Kapotte Muziek performance in 1997 in Den Haag. Edition of 200 copies.
1997 EMS 10" vinyl, Staalplaat
RAT & DaKafKa, drum & bass.
radboud mens - compilations
2010 The Music Of Sound - You Don't Have To Call It Music If The Term Shocks You Staten Tunnel Some others on this compilation are; David Lovas, Jordy van Solm, Edwin Dirks, Haffi Hafsteinsson, Akelei van Dam, Tanja Bekker, Ming Ho, conn_Action, Afra Klinkenberg, Naomi Zuijdwijk, Shea van Loon and Sep Gerritsen.
2009 Elementality Revisited First Theory Others on this compilation are; Elementaural Research Project,
Randy Greif, Rapoon, Mlehst, The Loop Orchestra and more.
2006 Grannittin I Can’t Get Started Some others on this compilation are; Goem, Xaf, Phako, Lukas
Simonis, Jos Smolders and Slo-Fi.
2005 Vynalogica Compilation #1 Number One Others on this compilation are; Dntel, Bangkok Impact, Rude 66,
Endorphins, Bong-Ra, Solvent vs. Lowfish, Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique, Klangstabil, .....
2005 NEW Nijmeegsche Electronische Waar 1.0 Een Punt Nul Klik with Jaap Blonk. Others on this compilations are; Goem, Darko
Esser, Tok Tek, Zwart Licht Kommando and many more
2005 a baker's dozen [part 2] Untitled 022 (with mvk) Others on this compilation are dalglish,
tomas korber, prell, spiracle, mnortham
and heimo lattner.
2004 The Agents of Impurity

(with Jaap Blonk)

Others on this compilation are Antonin Artaud, Vito Acconci, Erik Belgum, Neil Mills and many more.
sonic arts network
2004 Phosphor Compilation CD Undiscovered Genius of the Mississippi Delta Others on this compilation are Boca Raton, Kaffe Matthews, Joe Colley, Pimmon, AGF, Roel Meelkop, Justin Bennett, THU20, Toshiya Tsunoda, Goodiepal, Rechenzentrum, Frans de Waard and more. CD compiled by Martijn Tellinga from Stichting Mixer
2004 ‘the walls are
volume 2’

Pulse 024.3 Others on this compilation are; Ian Robert Mckenzie, Ah Cama-Sotz, Y Create, Reutoff, Brainquake, Lasse Marhaug, Eric la Casa, Vance Orchestra and The [Law-Raw] Collective.
Compiled by ee tapes

The Blod Seven
Noise and Hardcore
Techno Compilation

Radboud Mens / Frans De Waard – 03 Others on this double CD compilation are; V/Vm, Rotten Piece, Knurl and many many more.
2004 Yokomono 5 locked grooves Others on this locked groove record are Staalplaatsoundsystem, Freiband, H. Bjorgulfsson, Jim O'Rourke, John Hegre, Kozo Inada, AEldste Sangskat onsker, Massimo, Nerve Net Noise, Pimmon and Rechenzentrum.
2004 Looping Spork
vol. 2
2 locked grooves Others on this 12” record are Derek May, Tomas Jirku, Boca Raton, Suthek, Stewart Walker, Hakan Lidbo, Mole of Soul, Ben Neville and more.
2004 Starchy Roots

This locked groove compilation has a total of 111 different pieces of music on it
by 23 different artists. On Next Door Records

Others on the locked groove record are; Atom[], Twerk, Akufen, Deadbeat, Mike Shannon, Mat Jonson, Ben Nevile, Jeff Milligan, Mole of Soul, and more.
2004 Clickhouse "cut-up three" Others on this japanese compilation are; kid 606, donnacha costello, andy vaz, babyford, geoff white, safety scissors, tomas jirku, pan-tone, farben and others.
2003 November Music 2002


track made with Felix Knoth, Roel Funken, Thomas Köner, Yves de Mey en Bruno Forment.

Others on this compilation are Christian Marclay, Mark Dresser and Mischa Mengelberg.
2003 J'ee-haw! Remixed "The dingoes that park their brains with their gum"
others on this compilation are Freiband, XAF, Ios Smolders, Roel Meelkop, Boca Raton, Kodi, Peter Duimelinks, Edwin van der Heide and more.
2003 60 Sound artist protest the war "Microsonic"
on Atak
among the 60 artists on this compilation are Fennesz, Kim Cascone, Steve Roden, Steinbrüchel, COH, Carsten Nicolai, Andreas Tilliander, Frank Bretschneider, John Hudak and many many more.
2003 JPECH DVD compilation with "Dublicate (" and "2.1.3."
others on this DVD are Bootlx, Powersteppers, Merzbow, Society Suckers, Eva Casal and Hanin Elias. VJ's are JPECH (Wessel Nimmer and Supermann)
2003 O Superman Remix CD "Hyperman"
others on this ERS compilation are Com.a, Electric Company, Team Doyobi, Freiband, Massimo, Staalplaatsoundsystem and Danny de Graan.
2003 Tu'mp3 “She installs
confidence and picks
his brain like a salad”.
Others on this online MP3 compilation are; Kim Cascone, Chris Cutler and Thomas Dimuzio, Donna Summer, Alan Licht, Elio Martusciello, Roel Meelkop, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Christopher Willits and many more.
2003 Club Transmediale 03 compilation with "Pulse 021.3" taken from the forthcoming album "Pulse" on Staalplaat.
Wire CD feb 2003

others on this compilation are Pansonic, Mapstation, Rechencentrum, Thomas Fehlmann, Pole, Jan Jelinek, Ekkehard Ehlers, Steinbrüchel, Thomas Brinkmann and more.

2003 Found Sound V.2 "Escalator Suite"
field recording
a collection of real world audio – sounds from the pocket.
2002 tu M’p3 soundtracks
for images
"Jeepech" Others on this online mp3 compilation are; wang inc, Ghislain Poirier, shuttle358, toy bizarre, Greg Davis, motion, janek Schaffer, taylor deupree, Ekkehard Ehlers and Sogar.
2002 Audio NL compilation with "BigBeatMixDown"
others on this compilation are; Taylor Deupree, Auch, Motor, Goem, Komet, Static and Slo-Fi.
2002 Mutek 02 "Dublicate("
others on this compilation are; Stephan Mathieu, AGF, Farben, Timeblind, Deadbeat and more.
2002 Found Sound V.1 "Seles vs. Sabatini"
real time processing of a 1991 tennis match
a collection of real world audio – sounds from the pocket.
2001 Dutch Fidelity 7" + CDR - Untitled one minute track on the 7" and a track called "~Sine" on the CDR. Others on the compilation are Jos Smolders, Zona Fumatori, Shifts, Goem, THU20, Surge, Roel Meelkop, Freiband, DMDN, Boca Raton and more.
2001 Garage #5 Material from "~Sine" CD provided for Staalplaat Soundsystem
2001 Remix of "Wow" by Janek Schaefer 7" on Diskono
2000 What Would Jason Do? .. Go And Do Likewise Contains a Radboud Mens track called "RMCPRM01".
Also on these CDs are 87 Central, Elena Rauschenbach, Kid 606, Tsunoda, DJ Speedranch, Atom Heart, V/Vm, and many more.
2000 Merzbow: Live at Radio100 CD, ERS RECORDS  (ERSCD002)
Recorded on Radboud's Radioshow called Earbitten on Radio 100 in Amsterdam. Radboud Mens is a guest, playing turntable.
2000 LockERS 4 loops on locked groove compilation LP, ERS (ERS1207)
Locked groove release including many artists.
2000 Open : Noise #2 "Dronelec" on this CDR compilation that is released by Academie(o.t.3:01- others on this compilation are Zona Fumatori, Retro AKA and Kaffe Matthews.
1999 Goem/Extensie "RMGMRM03"
track on compilation CD, Noise museuM
11 track CD with Starfish Pool, L0SD, Lowfish, Surge, Stilluppsteypa, Taylor Dupree, \slo-fi, Institut fuer Feinmotorik, Kim Cascone and Jos Smolders.
1999 A Manual - CD Microwave Recordings "RMCPRM02"
track on CDR compilation, Microwave Records
16 track CD with immedia, Petra Klusmeyer, Monotonos, Hem, Freiband, Kim Cascone, sony_mao, Tarlose, Surge, Brian Levelle, Massimo, Cancerman and Arizona Running.
1998 Reise Radio (Retour Au Studio) "RMRRRM01"
track on compilation CD
14 track CD with Stefan Beck, Oliver Augst, Roli Widmer, Cristina Nemec, Reto Friedmann, Marcel Daemgen and others.
1997 Dub Zap - Pro Version "Brok" on this Ios Smolders remix compilation CD, Staalplaat
Compiled by Ios Smolders - remixes by; Dummy Run, Self-Transforming Machine Elfes, Muslimgauze, L.O.S.D., Twilight Circus, RLW, Radboud Mens, Captain Black, The Square Root Of Sub, and Rehberg & Bauer.
1997 The Cocktail Event Untitled livetrack using turntables and manipulated records on this compilation CD, Staalplaat
Live material from Rehberg/Vainio, Stilluppsteypa, Blonk/Aphasia, Radboud Mens, Prins/Dobie/Maris, and others Recorded During The Cocktail Festival In Berlin 1997.