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last updated 03 march 2001

The Ear 2001 Staalplaat / Mixer Cinema Concert Series #6 (17 february 2001 - Amsterdam NL)
Live performance as Alignment with Mark Poysden in this night with 87 Central/Dan Armstrong, Frans de Waard, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Zona Fumatori and Monotonos.   See photos here.
Mixer Cinema Concert Series #5 (02 december 2000 - Amsterdam NL)
Live performance in Stichting Mixer's Cinema Concert Series #5 on the same night as 87 Central and Rude 66.  See more photos here.
Boomcar Concertino @ ACHK-De Paviljoens (12 november 2000 - Almere NL)
Live performance at art installation of Sasker Scheerder.  Day also featured Lack Mousse, Meeuw Muzak/Mark Poysden, D Armstrong, Die Reichen und Glčcklichen, Arubo Turbino, and Neil Kirby.  See more photos here.
Earational 3 (29 october 2000 - 's-Hertogenbosch NL)
DJing and live music at the Earational 3 festival in 's-Hertogenbosch with DAT Politics, Komet, Smyglyssna, Zammuto, Massimo, and dj DMDN.
Planetart . Planet Noise . Real Audio 2000 (27 october 2000 - Enschede NL)
Performances for the Real Audio 2000 festival, featuring Scorn, Costes, Hyperdriver, Lasse Marhaug, Vervousvision, Fuckin'bstrds, Eboy, etc., etc., etc.  See www.planetart.nl.
18. World Wide Video Festival - Melkweg (13-14 september 2000 - Amsterdam NL)
Live shows for Planet Art! with video artists Bas van Koolwijk and Gnocci as well as a guitar and effects with D Armstrong.  See the events section of Radiantslab for photos, etc.
Tracks & Traces Festival - Staalplaat Soundsystem - Paradiso (14 july 2000 - Amsterdam NL)
Playing live with the famed Staalplaat Soundsystem for this yearly festival in Paradiso.  Also playing were COH and a load of other nice people.  See the street.
Power Trio Live - Extrapool (15 june 2000 - Nijmegen NL)
Live "Power Trio" audio collaboration with Philip Samartzis and D Armstrong at Nijmegen's Extrapool. Night dj'ed by Frans de Waard. See more photos here.  Also, read the review in the Nijmegen Dagblad from the following day (NL).
eschschloraque rčmpschrčmp (06 june 2000 - Berlin DE)
Kunstvlaai 4 (07 may & 11 may 2000 - Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam NL)
Two separate performances with Bas van Koolwijk (07) - live video collaboration using video and audio signals between media and on 5 large projection screens; as well as concert with D Armstrong (11) and gnocci, locked grooves and samples.  See the events section of Radiantslab for photos, etc.
Golven met Effext - Mixer (22 april 2000 - Amsterdam Filmakademie - Amsterdam NL)
New aggressive drum and bass tracks spun at the Stichting Mixer festival at the filmakadamie.  Performances also by V/VM, Freiband, Retro A.K.A., IMP electronics for defence, Gert Jan Prins and Klangstabil (among others).  See events  for photos, etc.
Overtoom 301 (19 december 1999, 23 january 2000 - Amsterdam Filmakademie - Amsterdam NL)
Multiple performances at a number of concert nights and "open days" at the old filmakademie. Noise, an effected cello performance, as well as improvisational collaboration with dancers, Dave (Zion Train), D Armstrong, Brian (Dead Fish Fuck).
STAIRWELL/TRAPPENHUIS (14 december 1999 - Lost Boys Interactive - Amsterdam NL)
"Stairwell/Trappenhuis" is part of an ongoing series of installations and performances in Amsterdam on experience of and "relationship with" sound and spaces. This performance consisted of generated guitar loops played by D Armstrong and minimal effects played to an audience located on the stairwell.
DERAIL (05 november 1999 - Ondertussen in de Bogen - Amsterdam NL)
Affected noise performance in this gallery underneath train tracks. The performance utilised contact microphones to amplify live train sounds from local bridges. Work and performances also by Gerben Hermanes & D Armstrong. Images and sounds, see the more detailed DERAIL page.
RealAudio 99 (30 october 1999 - Atak - Enschede NL)
Live noise performance interaction with video artist Isabelle Jenneches as part of this day-long festival that included The Haters, Gert Jan Prins, FUCK*NBSTARDS, Noto and dozens of performers, dj's and artists.
Your Milage May Vary (29 oktober 1999 - Waagplein - Gronigen NL)
Live standing wave and locked groove record performance for the final exhibition of the 1999 MFA program at Media-GN, centre for emergent media.  or more information, check out the 9 Nerds Website.
Pol (04 september 1999 - Mousonturm - Frankfurt DE)
Live rythym and noise performance for this festival on electronic and improvised music. Also playing were Augst/Beck, Hausmeister, etc.
Impakt Festival (15 may 1999 - Tivoli - Utrecht NL)
Two live noise performances for "X-SITE" in the Tivoli concert hall in support of the overall theme of "experience."  Also, check out the Impakt Festival 99 website for information about the whole week. Also, see a large version of this live image. The tracks here are included on the E.R.S. live CD.
Kunstvlaai3 (08 may 1999 - Westergasfabriek - Amsterdam NL)
Three outside live noise performances with a performance art installation on the terrain of the Westergasfabriek, as well as a boom-car performance produced by Sasker Scheerder which took place in vehicles in the parking lot in from of the Machinegebouw.  See some images from the day. One track from this concert is included on the E.R.S. live CD.
Connecting Festival (01-30 april 1999 - Minoriten Gallery - Graz Austria)
Ongoing sound installation with four turntables, as well as live locked groove performances throughout the month of April. See some photos and reviews.
Fake Night (10 februari 1999 - Dodorama - Rotterdam NL)
Two noise performances for a feature night in support of the Dutch music magazine "Fake." The tracks for this concert are included on the E.R.S. live CD.
An Ordinary White Cube (07 februari 1999 - de Parel - Amsterdam NL)
Live noise performance to celebrate the opening of the Parel gallery and the first major exhibits. See more photos. Two tracks from this concert are included on the E.R.S. live CD.
Klein Getijden Boek (09 december 1998 - Grand Theatre Groningen - Gronignen NL)
Utilised piano sounds by Riek Westerhof, reprocessed and composed for a live dance performance. The performance was a final MFA project for video artist Isabelle Jenniches.  Get more information via the klein getijden boek website
Kangoeroe (09 juli 1998 - Vrieshuis Amerika - Amsterdam, NL)
The performance was a standing wave piece in a "sound cell" on the fourth floor of the old Vrieshuis Amerika in Amsterdam. The festival was 4 days of sounds and art and also included Artificial Memory Trace, K-Editeur, Phosphor, djdk, Cym, DjDk, D Armstrong, and dj Tijn.  Organised by D Armstrong & JDK. Art, performances & the  Vrieshuis Amerika on the Kangoeroe pages.
Randomized Hyware (06 juli 1998 - Bčcherturm - Frankfurt, DE)
Live performance with six turntables and locked grooves.
Petit Parcours (23/24 mei 1998 - Muziektheater - Amsterdam, NL)
Workshop where microphones were placed on the dancer's shoes and sounds were reprocessed in realtime and played back into the performance space.
Nu dit bij dat en toen (5/7 maart 1998 - Melkweg Theatre - Amsterdam, NL)
Performance where microphones were placed on the dancefloor and sounds were reprocessed in realtime and played back into the performance space.
The Cocktail Event - Staalplaat Festival (18 oktober 1997 - Volksbuhne - Berlin, DE)
Live noise performance utilising end grooves from vinyl records. An excerpt can be found on the Staalplaat release "The Cocktail Event" (STCD 042)
Nietsche Festival live on the Internet (05 oktober 1997 - Trust Theater - Amsterdam NL)

Live noise performance broadcast via the Internet for this theatre festival on Fredriech Nietsche.
Kapotte Muziek Workshop (27 september 1997 - Korzo - Den Haag, NL)
Live noise performacne with Kapotte Muziek after following the one-day workshop in Den Haag.
Forum Improvisierender Musiker (16 september 1997 - Gallus Theater - Frankfurt, DE
Live noise performance with Oliver Augst.
One World Festival (05 september 1997 - Frome, UK)

Live night-long performance for this summer festival.
Live Radio on WKCR, New York (29 juli 1997 New York, NY USA )

Live radio noise festival performance via telephone.
Glastonbury Festival (28/29 juni 1997 - Glastonbury UK)

Numerous live noise performances for this muddy summer festival.
Disobey Club (22 juni 1997 - Disobey Club - London UK)
Live noise performance opening for Merzbow.
Sound And Vision Festival (21 juni 1997 - Terneuzen NL)
Live noise performance in the south of Holland for this festival.
Bass Odyssey (21 december 1996 - Planet - London UK)
Live performance with Zoviet*France & Evan Parker.
Extrapool (14 november 1996 - Extrapool - Nijmegen NL)
Live noise performance using a contact microphone on a metal brush, playing vinyl records and effects. Also playing - Nomex, Oval Language, ERG, mnortham, and Das Synthetische Mischgewebe.
Megabyts Expositie (15 juni 1996 - Academiegalerie - Utrecht NL)
Live noise performance using a contact microphone on a needle, playing vinyl records and effects.
Live TV on Park-TV (20 november 1995 - Amsterdam NL)
Television show displaying the VU meter output of the live audio broadcast.
Live Noise with Wessel Muller (22 oktober 1995 - The Roxy - Amsterdam NL)

Live noise performance accompanying a paint performance by Wessel Muller.
1st Isolationist Music Night (17 May 1995 - Bijster, Amsterdam NL)
This concert was organized by Staalplaat, Dwarf Magazine and Bijster under the name '1st Isolationist Music Night' and featured Deutsch Nepal, Illusion Of Safety, Kapotte Muziek, Inanna, and Hyware.

Read the review here.

Bezige Bij Festival (december 1994 - Melkweg - Amsterdam NL)
Two noise performances using a contact microphone on a metal brush, playing vinyl records and effects.